The Wheat and Chaff — Obsessions, Compulsions, Disorders


The Unwisdom of Clouds (New Podcast Episode)

OCD is built on illusions, so you’d think it would get easier to recognize them over time. Sometimes, however, the opposite occurs – as I get more and more battle-fatigued, the clouds become denser.

OCD’s Utopia (New Podcast Episode)

OCD steals my trust, confidence, hope, joy, and love – all the feelings really worth having – and then tells me that I can have them back from  if I live perfectly.

OCD Loves a Power Vacuum

I lay in bed, confused: my mind is awake, but my body is tired. This is OCD’s Elysium.

OCD: A Question

The man believed/felt like his world was going to end. Not the world – just his. (The rest would go on, indifferently.) The point isn’t, Was the man right? The point is, He felt this way. Would you read the last two series ofof sentences differently if I replaced “man” with “boy”? If so, why?

OCD as a Form of Stage Fright
by MATT B. on APRIL 29, 2015

Lions Roars

In this episode of The OCD Podcast, I discuss a deeply confusing aspect of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sometimes, I know exactly how to respond to OCD – but I’m too paralyzed to act. Why does this happen, and how to respond more effectively?

Standard Operating Procedures for OCD

In this episode, I discuss my standard operating procedures for managing OCD. Sometimes, these tactics at are useful; other times, I suspect that they’re just compulsions that have hardened into habit. How to tell the difference? And how to respond in the moment?

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