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Sanuk Women's Yoga Sunshine Sandal

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Falchion (ファルシオン), also known as the Kingsfang, is a divine Sword that was forged by Naga from one of her fangs. Primarily appearing in the Archanea Series, Falchion is the first important sword in the franchise and, in its multiple appearances, has proven to be a pivotal weapon for slaying the main antagonists of the games it exists in.

Falchion has two incarnations, one which was wielded in ABORON Dog Ball Toy, 1 pcs Interactive Dog Ball, for Puppies Med and subsequently in Ylisse while the other was wielded in Valentia.

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Did you know that...
...the story of Fire Emblem Fates was partially inspired by the choice of choosing Arran or Samson in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light?
...Feh the owl's birthday, January 18th, is the date Fire Emblem Heroes was announced?
...Falchion appears in Kirby Super Star as a collectable treasure, but was named Sword in the international release of the game?
...Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the only Fire Emblem game where the entire playable cast use the same name for both the Japanese and English versions of the game?
...Azura was originally considered to be a part of the base roster of Fire Emblem Warriors before becoming a DLC character?
...the original voiced dialogue of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE was recorded two different ways due to the story differences between the Japanese and international release of the game?

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